A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Wexford

A Guide to the Best Restaurants in Wexford

  • Robyn Jones
  • 03/5/23

Just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wexford is a beautiful town known for its excellent schools, charming neighborhoods, and abundance of recreational activities. If you happen to be house hunting in the Wexford real estate market — or you want to begin a special evening with a special dinner — be sure to stop in at one of these outstanding restaurants.

Wexford is home to a wide variety of restaurants that offer everything from classic American fare to international cuisine. Whether you're in the mood for a casual meal at a local pub or a fine dining experience at an upscale restaurant, you'll find plenty of options in Wexford.

A romantic dinner

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The Napa Prime Chophouse is a sophisticated and upscale restaurant that is perfect for a special occasion or a romantic evening out. It boasts an elegant and stylish atmosphere, with a chic decor and cozy ambiance. The menu features an array of classic American dishes, with a focus on high-quality meats such as steaks and chops. All of the meat is hand-cut and cooked to perfection, ensuring that every bite is juicy and flavorful.

In addition to the steaks, the menu also includes a variety of seafood, poultry, and vegetarian options. The restaurant also has a well-curated wine list, featuring fine wines from Napa Valley and beyond. Napa Prime Chophouse is a top-notch dining destination that is sure to impress.

Fun and casual dining

A unique and exciting dining destination, the Ichiban Hibachi Steak House and Sushi Bar is perfect for a fun family evening. The restaurant offers a lively and energetic atmosphere, with modern decor and an open kitchen where diners can watch their food being prepared. The menu here is extensive, featuring a wide range of dishes from both the hibachi grill and the sushi bar.

From sizzling steaks and seafood to delicious sushi rolls and sashimi, there's something for everyone at Ichiban. In addition to the great food, the restaurant also has a well-stocked bar with a variety of sake, beer, and cocktails.
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Bella Frutteto is a charming and rustic Italian restaurant with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere; its rustic decor includes exposed brick walls and wooden beams. The menu at Bella Frutteto features a variety of classic Italian dishes that are made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

From creamy pasta dishes to wood-fired pizzas and flavorful entrees, there's something for everyone at Bella Frutteto. In addition, the restaurant has a great selection of wines, including a variety of Italian reds and whites.

Pizza and sandwiches

Oven Pizza is a popular and beloved pizza joint that’s consistently ranked among the top pizza places in the area. It offers a wide range of pizzas, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. From classic margherita to creative and eclectic toppings, there's a pizza for everyone at Oven Pizza.

The menu also includes appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. Whether you're in the mood for a quick slice or a full pie, Oven Pizza has you covered. The restaurant also has a great selection of beer and wines, making it a perfect spot for a casual dinner with friends or a date night.

Sweet treats

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Graeter's Ice Cream is a popular ice cream chain that has been around since 1870. The Wexford location is the perfect spot to cool off on a hot summer day or indulge in a sweet treat any time of year. Graeter's is known for its creamy, rich ice cream, which is made in small batches using a traditional French Pot process. The result is a velvety smooth dessert with a dense, creamy texture unlike any other.

The menu at Graeter's features a variety of classic and seasonal flavors, including fan favorites like chocolate chip and black raspberry chip. Graeter's also offers cakes, pies, and cookies. Whether you're in the mood for a classic ice cream sundae or a slice of freshly-baked pie, Graeter's has something for everyone.

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