Tips to Make Your Rooms Appear Bigger

Tips to Make Your Rooms Appear Bigger

  • Robyn Jones
  • 04/10/23

If you are purchasing a stunning new home on the Wexford real estate scene, you might be wondering how to style your new space and set a tone of beauty and sophistication. Whether you purchase a luxury home or condo, you want to create a sense of openness and additional space. Here are some tips and tricks to make your rooms appear even larger than they really are.


Of course, one of the most effective ways to make a room appear more spacious is to prevent clutter from piling up. This can be as simple as providing a basket at the entryway for capturing keys, gloves, and other extras upon returning home. In addition, make sure that coffee and end tables display only a few items that fit your decor and style rather than being cluttered with miscellaneous objects. Be sure that pathways are free and clear to allow for ease of movement from room to room. Take this opportunity to donate any items you no longer need to create a streamlined sense of style.

Painting tactics

Paint is another effective way to make a room appear bigger. Use softer, lighter shades to open up a room, and utilize patterns strategically.

Soft colors

Painting rooms in softer, lighter colors really does make them appear larger. White is a perennial favorite, along with shades of cream, ecru, and off-white. Light tans, beiges, grays, blues, and greens are all solid paint choices to increase a feeling of spaciousness in your rooms and match nearly any decor and stylistic elements. Use your personal style, preferences, and favorite colors to find the perfect shade for your new home. Light, neutral hues are universally appealing and create a sense of warmth and welcome.

Trim and moldings

Another tip to making a room seem larger is to paint the wall trim and molding the same color as the wall or in a slightly lighter shade. This allows the eye to keep moving over the space without being stopped by a jolt of contrasting color. This tip also applies to the ceiling. Ceilings painted in the same color or slightly lighter will trick the viewer into seeing the space as a whole rather than its pieces, making it appear larger than it actually is.


While some designers prefer one solid, lighter color to make a room feel larger, others suggest adding a vertical design element. This might include painting wide stripes from floor to ceiling to draw the gaze upward. Keep the colors a few shades apart, as a more dramatic contrast may create a shrinking effect instead. Another option would be to install and paint shiplap vertically to design a signature look with added depth.

Furniture selections

Carefully consider your furniture and how it can be used to increase the size and spaciousness of your rooms.


As you look at your rooms, consider the proportions of your furniture with respect to the space it will occupy. Heavy couches and overstuffed chairs tend to fill spaces quickly, lending a sense that the room is smaller than it truly is.

First, measure your rooms to determine where the larger pieces will go. When you go shopping, avoid those bulky pieces that will quickly overwhelm a room and leave it feeling smaller and cramped. Seating that lies closer to the ground will also lend greater wall space as well.


You can make a few style choices to convey the sense of a larger room. In your dining room, look for tables and chairs with long, defined legs. This gives a sense of openness to the space, as you can see through and around the furniture itself. In the living room, think about glass-topped coffee tables or furniture with Lucite accents. These will also give the illusion of space thanks to their transparent quality. Bookcases with open-backs or free shelves are another option to consider.

Creative storage

Another way to make a room appear larger is to invest in creative storage pieces. Ottomans that double as storage cubes provide an easy way to tuck extra throws and pillows away when not needed, again cutting down on extra clutter. Look for benches with removable tops to provide extra space for toys, games, or other items when not in use. Top these pieces with soft cushions to allow for additional seating when needed as well.


Now, consider how the accessories you choose will help enhance your home’s feeling of spaciousness.


A favorite designer tip to make a home appear bigger is through the use of mirrors. Mirrors naturally capture and reflect the light that enters the room. They automatically trick the eye into thinking a room is larger than it is, so do not hesitate to use them liberally throughout your home. The perfect mirror, suited to your personal style, offers an easy and beautiful way to increase the size of a room without taking down a wall.


If you want your rooms to appear as spacious and open as possible, try to forego curtains on your windows and doors. If you prefer the look of drapes or curtains, then look for light and airy fabrics for your rooms. Heavy curtains will shrink a space, so you want yours to allow light to flow through. Make sure the curtains do not cover much of the window to allow maximum light to enter the space. The same goes for furniture. If you keep the fabrics lightweight, you will avoid the impression that your room feels closed in or small.


Natural light is one of the best ways to make a room appear bigger, so consider how you can streamline the areas around your windows and doors. In addition, looking outside automatically provides a feeling of expansion to the space. Look into interior lighting and lamps with sleek lines and clean designs, as bulkier selections tend to weigh down the room.

If you are looking to purchase a new luxury home for sale in Wexford, Pennsylvania, you have come to the right place. As you start your home search, be sure to enlist the services of agents who know the area well and have your best interests in mind. The Robyn Jones Group is an expert team with extensive knowledge of the local market in Wexford. Contact the team today to check out the luxury properties available and get started toward your goals.

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