A Guide to Which Paint Colors  Best Suit Your Home

A Guide to Which Paint Colors Best Suit Your Home

  • Robyn Jones
  • 05/5/23

Whether you are selling your home or planning to stay in it for a while, making the right choices about paint colors can be crucial. From attracting potential buyers to making a certain impression, paint colors can create certain vibes or feelings. Creating a welcoming and attractive space that appeals to a wide range of buyers or even just your family is a delicate balance.
Summarized below are some tips and strategies for selecting paint colors that will help your Wexford real estate stand out in today’s market, while also making it a place you can enjoy until you move on to your next adventure.

Key paint color tips

Paint color sets the tone and impression of your room. One of the first things potential buyers will notice is the color of the walls. Choosing the right paint colors can not only enhance the look of your home, but it can also help it sell faster and for a higher price. Some tips for choosing the best paint colors are described below.

1. Keep it neutral

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Choosing neutral paint colors like beige, gray, or white can be a good strategy when selling a house because they tend to have wide appeal and can help create a sense of openness and spaciousness. These colors are also considered to be timeless, which means they won't go out of style and can appeal to a wide range of buyers. On the other hand, bold and bright colors may not appeal to everyone and could potentially turn off some potential buyers. While you may personally love these types of colors, it's important to keep in mind that you're trying to appeal to a wider audience when selling a house, and neutral colors are often a safer choice.
Consider choosing a bright or bold focal piece of art or a furniture item instead of putting it on the wall. This also allows you to more easily change out the piece instead of having to pick up the paint brush again.

2. Consider the style of your home

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The colors you choose should complement the overall look and feel of the house. Different styles of homes may look better with different types of colors. For example, many houses in Wexford, Pennsylvania, are traditional architecture; therefore, a classic, timeless look may be best suited to neutral or muted colors such as beige, gray, or white. These colors can help to create a cohesive look that enhances the traditional style of the home.
On the other hand, a modern home with a more contemporary look may actually benefit from more vibrant and bold hues (yes, forget about #1 in this case!). These colors can help add energy and personality to the space and complement the modern style of the home.

3. Get feedback

If you're unsure about which colors to choose, consider asking for feedback from friends, family, or even a real estate agent. They may be able to provide valuable insights on what colors are on trend right now or what will appeal to potential buyers.

Other paint color considerations

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your home, you will also want to keep in mind tones, lighting, and various shades (of white, specifically).


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One of these factors is the concept of undertones, which refers to the base color of a paint color that can be either warm or cool. It's important to understand undertones because they can affect how a paint color looks in your home. All paint colors are made up of other colors, and they can either have a warm or cool undertone. A warm paint color will have a base color (undertone) of a warm color, such as yellow or red, while a cool paint color will have a base color (undertone) of a cool color, such as blue, green or gray.

Use paint swatches

Another important factor to consider is the use of paint swatches and samples. These allow you to test the color in your space and see how it looks in different lighting conditions. By bringing them home to test in your space with accurate lighting it will allow you to see how the paint looks in your home and determine which color looks best.

Color shades

Lastly, the various shades of white can also play a significant role in the overall look and feel of a room. When choosing whites, stay within the same color temperature zone (either warm or cool) to create a cohesive look. A white that is near cool colors (blues) on a swatch will complement cool colors, while a white that is near warm colors (reds) on a swatch will complement warm colors. If you want to create a monochromatic or analogous color scheme, stick with cool whites with cool colors and warm whites with warm colors. Alternatively, if you want to create a complementary color scheme, mix warm and cool whites.

Expertise on selling your Wexford real estate

Are you getting ready to list your home for sale? If so, the goals of your painting project are likely to be different than they would be for a general painting project. When selling a house, it's important to work quickly and appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.
When done right, painting is an easy way to help make your house more attractive to a wider range of buyers and, if you're trying to stage your home on a tight budget, painting can be an affordable option to increase its resale value.
Before you pick up the paint brush, it's best to consult with an experienced realtor. Robyn Jones is not only experienced, but was awarded #1 for sales in Sewickley real estate in 2022. With a simple seller consultation, Robyn can help guide you on what improvements and repairs will make your Wexford real estate more appealing to buyers.

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