Small Changes That Make Any Room Cozier

Small Changes That Make Any Room Cozier

  • Robyn Jones
  • 12/6/22

In previous decades, a warm, cozy home required dark colors and heavy
materials. One can envision sitting in front of a roaring fire in a dark room
filled with pillows and wood paneling. Contemporary homes are brighter,
with clean lines and light colors and textures. The challenge is how to
create an inviting, cozy space that everyone wants during the cooler
months. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to choose between the
claustrophobic styles of the past and warm inviting rooms.

The first tip is lighting. Soften the lighting and consider swapping cold,
metal fixtures for ones using natural materials, such as willow or linen.
Next, layer blankets throughout the home. Imagine the luxury of falling into
a soft bed with layers of cozy white blankets and quilts. Neutral colors gain
dimension by contrasting subtle hues of the same palate.
We change our lifestyle during colder months as well. Lifestyle shifts from
our outdoor spaces to interior rooms. Create a warm beverage station to
invite guests and family members to relax and unwind. Add pillows to sitting
areas to build comfort in living rooms. Finally, add scent to the home.
Candlelight not only sets a relaxing mood but fills the space with soothing
smells of the season.

Cozy, inviting spaces do not have to mean dark colors and heavy materials.
Layering is the easiest way to create a softer, warmer room. Combine this
with a few seasonal candles and touches, and any room can be cozier this
weekend with only a few small changes.

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Robyn is on the board of the Child Health Association of Sewickley, a member of Neighbors & Newcomers and is a founding member of Christ Church at Grove Farms. She uses her extensive marketing background and passion for real estate to match buyers and sellers with their dream homes in her home town.

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